Trays not retaining height property when new model opens

When I open any model in SketchUp, brand new from a template or an existing file, the tray heights (not the trays themselves but the info they contain, Entity Info, Components, Materials, etc.) have reverted back to their smallest allowable height leaving a lot of unused space in the tray. See the attached image for what opens up vs how I eventually set it up. I’m using SkethUp Pro 2023. Not a huge bug, but I don’t remember having to do this in earlier versions of SketchUp.

I have noticed that the workspace seems to retain it’s state better in this version, but it would be nice to have this fix. In general, it’d be nice to have some sort of workspace file that you can export/import and load for SketchUp Pro, but maybe that’s another topic.


FYI, These are known as inspector panels.

Yes, it is a known implementation bug with the migration to the Qt GUI framework libraries (which occurred with the 2023 release.)

I agree it is super annoying that this could not be fixed within 3 releases after half a year or so. We can only assume that there were more important things that needed to be fixed with this migration effort.

I knew there must be another name for the panel that actually holds the tray. Thanks!

Again. you have it reversed. A tray is a window into which you can assign various inspector panels of your choice.

A tray can be floating, docked into the margins of the application window as full height docked panes, or docked into one half of an existing docking pane. (The dividing border can be adjusted to suit individual needs.)

  • As an example, I have the Entity Info panel in a PROPERTIES tray and the Soften inspector panel in a SOFTEN tray, both stacked within a subpane of the top 30% of the righthand docking pane.
    And then on the bottom subpane of the righthand docking pane, I have 3 more trays stacked into a tabbed set, each with at least 2 inspector panels. One for ORGANIZE (Tags and Scenes), another for RESOURCES (Materials and Components) and the last for STYLE (Styles, Shadows and Fog.)

These docked panes can be “pinned” (auto-hidden) so that they slide out of view into the application window margin. Moving the mouse over the margin tab (or clicking it) of an autohidden tray pane will cause it to automatically slide back into view. (In previous versions with the old MFC framework, moving the mouse out of the panel into the modeling area would cause the tray pane to autohide again. However, this auto-hide is not working currently with the Qt interface. We have to explicitly click the modeling area to cause the pane to retract out of view.)

  • I have two auto-hidden tray in the left margin of the SketchUp window. A TREE tray (Outliner panel) and a HELP tray (Instructor panel.)

This allows me to always have the Entity Info panel showing in the top pane of the righthand docked tray. Using the Outliner on the left, it will never cover up the Entity Info panel as I click objects in it’s tree.

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