Trays have taken over the drawing!

Done something to the trays and they have gfilles the sccreen from side to side. How do I get it to behave? I can’t seem to find an edge to drag.

Computer typos as well! Should read they have filled the screen!

Fixed it!

How ?

Apologies. Don’t know what i did but I seem to have demolished another mouse, They aint as robust as they used to be and I I must have hit something, somewhere were I wasn’t meant to. Anyway solution ws simple, clicked on the bar at the top and lo and behold normality was restored! Was a bit odd though as the workspace had disappeared behind the tray…

I’ve got a Logitec M510. About six years old, hard use every day. I’ve worn the feet off the bottom and it is polished to a mirror finish by the mouse pad. Still going strong, though.

Probably double clicked on the Default Tray title bar. That will cut it loose and let it float over the model space and toolbar space at the top. Easy fix, though. Double click on it again.

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Dave that mouse must surely love you! Been everywhere, done everything! Mine just collapses with frustration and exhaustion.

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