Lost my tray,

Lost my tray, but even:Window/preferences/Reset workplace doesn’t work … please Help

Did you try Window>Default Tray>Show Tray?
Screenshot - 1_11_2024 , 4_45_08 PM

Found your first reply and yes, I tried it.
I got around the problem by creating a new tray which I then renamed Default tray then I renamed the other default tray which disappeared with another name so as not to get mixed up so I have an available tray which I have recreated with what I need but I’ve never been able to find the original Default tray :frowning:

It might have gotten lost offscreen.

When it has the focus, you could use ALT+SPACE, then M, then wiggle mouse to bring it back to the cursor.

I just had that when moving trays…one disappeared, tried various things as suggested above…then found it had moved to a tab at bottom of one of the other trays…everything has to be somewhere…