Trapezoids not snapping to edges

I made a single trapezoid, duplicated, and flipped and turned to make 4. Kinda like a picture frame.
I needed them to be 4 separate pieces for cutting and parts later on.

When I try to set them back into a square, no matter how carefully I try, they will not snap to the corners, and they will not make a perfect square. I thought the inference was supposed to work here.

Each is 26 cm long edge.

See pic: (can only post one, so I pasted detail on top)

Could you share the SKP file? It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on from your screen shots although I get the impression that the miters aren’t exactly 45°. How did you go about drawing the trapezoids?

What are you grabbing when you are moving the components? Since the frame is square, have you thought about making a radial array with Rotate/Copy instead?

I don’t see a way to share files here (I am probably too new), but I uploaded to WeTransfer.
Thank you for your answer.
Ill look up radial array.

There’s an Upload button, seventh from the left above the message window. You should be able to attach the SKP file with that. I’ve got your file, though. Give me a moment.

Here is a fixed version. I’m guessing from what I see that you weren’t using the Move tool correctly. The trick is to grab the component by a corner that can be snapped to a corner on the neighboring component. I did that for three of the four components can got everything to fit.

newtable v1.skp (22.3 KB)

Just an animation to go with Dave’s comment.


It’s always the little things.
Thanks guys.

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Hi folks.

See this SU file for a quick way of drawing such objects.

Just ideas.


Trapezoids forming a square object.skp (35.2 KB)