Adding a trapezoid to an already made object

I have a gap in the door and the base of the IMO box and every time I try to fill it free hand or with the line tool it wants to attach to another surface… how do I correct that?

Am I going to have to take measurements and the draw the item on the side then rotate and attach??

If you post a quick photo, I may be able to be of more help.

My first guess would be to try and hold the arrow keys to lock to a particular axis instead of snapping to an edge.

You may have length snapping and precision causing you problems.
In Window/Model Info/Units untick length snapping and adjust the precision to a smaller increment.

IMO box.skp (1.2 MB)

I attached the sketch up that I have so far…

I downloaded the file, but don’t see the gap at the base. Did you resolve the issue?

No I did not… if you look at the file from the side you are not supposed to be able to see inside… its supposed to look like a box from the outside… I hide the door and then see the inside of the IMO box… but from the outside all the way around is supposed to look like a box.

Like this? IMO box.skp (1.2 MB)

Ok so I have to download the latest version of sketch up … one second please

If you ask I’m sure he’ll save it for you as SU 8, rather than you needing to install a new version.

can you repost in SU 8 format please?

Try this. IMO box.skp (1.2 MB)

Yes that is exactly what I was trying to do… if you dont mind me asking how did you complete that?

lol this might sound silly… but I just drew a few lines to complete the faces. For the pure rectangles I just tapped ‘r’ and drew a rectangle over the area.