Translation Problem in the Download site


See the image below. In the spanish traduction, it says Literally “Ventanas” instead of “Windows” as the name of the OS.


I believe that “Ventanas” is Spanish for “Windows”


Correct translation [aka ‘traduction’ in most other languages!]… BUT then, ‘Windows’ - the OS - is still ‘Windows’ in Spanish, and most other languages !
Otherwise, applying the same logic to ‘MAC’, it should be ‘IMPERMEABLE’ or 'GABARDINA’
Although of course a ‘Macintosh’ is a type of apple, rather than a ‘rain-coat’…


That is when translators have no hint about the context where the translation is going to be used (and don’t know whether it’s a proper name). We had this issue on the “download all” site and it was fixed. But it would be better if these things didn’t surface over time afterwards but would be properly and carefully solved at translation time (therefore it’s ideal if developers provide translation comments/hints).

…and “SketchUp” is “Ssalsa de tomate”.