Transfer the registration from one machine to another

My laptop just died a death on me, and I was trying to get into it to remove the registration from Sketchup Pro 2018 so I could add it to my new machine instead.

I’ve contacted support a few days ago to see why entering the registration code didn’t work, but I’ve had no response as yet.

I’m now in a situation where I really need to sort it out before much longer.

Please can someone help?

if downloading/installing the SketchUp Pro version 2018 (not 2019) activating on a second system should be possible… besides you have activated on more than 2 systems already?

I only ever activated it on my laptop in December 2018. Then there was an update to 2019 which I activated (though I found all that rather confusing because I wasn’t really sure what was happening - having been given 2018 as a gift.

When my laptop died I tried activating it on my new PC, but it failed. I have no idea why.

Incidentally, I registered on this forum before I was gifted 2018, so the registration number attached to my account here has nothing to do with me. Its just something that was automatically generated.

EDIT: The real problem is that I can’t get onto my laptop any more to do anything I might need to do to make the transfer possible. I still have all the emails with all the codes, but they don’t work.

2nd EDIT: There were a couple of hitches where Sketchup didn’t transfer the records to my name. For a while they were still stuck under my benefactor’s name, but I thought that was all sorted out.

I have just tried again - Sketchup 2018 app with 2018 licence and authorisation code copied and pasted from the original email.

I am told the licence is not valid.

What do I do now?

If you activated the 2019 license, the 2018 license becomes invalid.

This is the sort of thing that will require Customer Support to handle. Did you purchase the license through a reseller in the UK? If so, they should be able to help you.

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Hi Dave :slight_smile:

Yes, I activated the 2019 license because it was presented to me as an update (on my broken laptop)

Everything is slightly complicated by the fact that all the emails were sent to my benefactor, who then forwarded them to me to make use of the information. He tried to resolve that little hitch, but since I’ve never received an email directly myself I wouldn’t know if it worked.

EDIT: I believe it was Customer Support I contacted a few days ago.

Thank you, Dave. I think you solved this problem in the first line.

I was under the impression that the 2019 ‘update’ I was given was just that - an update. I didn’t realise it was separate. I thought the licence number that came with it was just for the update.

Anyway. I uninstalled 2018, installed 2019, and it activated first time without a problem

Thank you :slight_smile:

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