Tranparent materials doesn't work on layout 2017


Materials with opacity reduced doesn’t work on LayOut 2017, even if I choose raster mode!


hmm… If I understand what your issue it seems that materials with opacity reduced is not displaying correctly. I have attached an image with 3 different opacity levels. Is this what you are referring to?

They seem to be working for me testing in both Mac and PC.

Would you mind providing a screen shot or file with what you are seeing?



Thank you trent, the problem is…when I want overlay a scene in LayOut with on other scene with objects with materials with opacity reduced I cannot see the other scene that stay under, for example an house plan with a surface with glass material. The only way to put something with reduced opacity on top of that plan is put all togheter in the same scene in sketchup, otherwise with two separated scenes doesn’t work. I think that is a limit of LayOut and the way how it handle the scenes.


Ok I understand what you are seeing and we are aware of this.

We are working into how best to resolve this.