Training on screen, is it possible?


I need customized training, preferably remotely on screen, customized to my immediate needs; where do I go for that?
I am studying a masters of interior design, and as such I did quite a lot of self studying via books and drawing hours in sketchup. However, currently I am in a situation where the progress is too slow and where the model does not react as it is supposed to react.
Please let me know, if there’s an option for customized training remotely on screen or in any other way talking/chatting with a trainer. Thank you in advance.


Hi bonnabech,

Here are a couple of options:

Eric Schimelpfenig offers remote SketchUp training via Google Helpouts:

School offers on demand web training:

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This option too from the SketchUcation forum


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Hi bonnabech,

I received training from James Ogston of, he’s been with Sketchup from before Google, very good, very friendly.


Hi Jeremy thanks for your praise here and it was a great pleasure giving you the best starter in SketchUp Pro. We have a couple of equally powerful additional training options too depending on the heaviness of SketchUp models and speed we require to train you at.

Anyone out there wishing to get the best of training you can find us here at

James Ogston