Trackpad navigation gestures

For example, 3-finger drag (or something) could orbit & 3-finger click-drag could pan. Some people, like me, prefer the feeling of using a trackpad to a mouse, so trackpad gestures would be awesome!

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I use a Wacom tablet plus the tack pad, and two finger scrolling on the track pad is how I get middle wheel scrolling. On the road, I just have the track pad. Yeah, other gestures might be nice.

Doesn’t it do that? Three finger double-tap (= middle click hold) then drag…
If the OS doesn’t emulate all mouse functions by default, maybe there are specific settings in the mouse driver settings.

I couldn’t get it to work (it just zooms, not orbit) and checked the trackpad settings too. No luck.

It probably depends on the operating system, SketchUp does not provide specific support for trackpads.

And SketchUp promotion always says that SketchUp works best with a 3 button mouse (although one could see it as a pretext for not having updated SketchUp’s input support to current input devices).

Many people who always use a mouse tell that one cannot work with a trackpad – but it’s a lack of exercise (hours spent with the input device), as the presence of trackpad users here proves.

I just use the orbit shortcut. I’ve gotten used to it, so it’s comfortable for me to use a trackpad with SketchUp.

You can also use cmd and ctrl in combination of clicking the (internal) trackpad