Trackpad functionality should be consistent across web and native Sketchup applications

I’d just like to throw it out there again that it is insane that the functionality of Mac trackpads are not consistent between web and native applications. I don’t even understand how this started out only being implemented on web, but also that it has been like that for years. I used web for two weeks before my company got my Pro license sorted out. In that time I fell in love with being able to orbit no matter which tool you were on. Being that I was a Sketchup 2017 user for so many years that feature was just such a no brainer and so intuitive that when I switched back to the native 2024 version of Sketchup I was flabbergasted to find out it was inferior to the web-locked version. It makes me feel vindicated for never having signed up for Sketchup’s paid versions before. I knew Sketchup was software that had very little support from the company that made it, leaving you to find help from kind strangers and knowing I paid someone for that would have been too infuriating to handle.

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Agreed. Trackpad gestures should be a default feature in 2024.