Trace lines with hidden geometry

Hello everybody

I’m using Make 2017 on my iMac.

I want to trace many lines on conical surface.
My idea is to using the hidden geometry of this surface to trace lines automatically.
Is there a way to do this ?

Thanks to all and for your advices.

I think you need to trace the lines by hand, going from one vertex to another. I’m not aware of anyt automatic way to do what you want.

You could select the “hidden geometry” and unsoften and unsmooth it if that’s what you’re after…

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Yes you need to explain further what you are wanting, at the moment it’s a bit unclear.
Images and a model would help us help you.

Sorry for my delayed reply.

And thanks to all, especially to Tweenulzeven : you give me the right way to have what I want.

Problem solved !!

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