Freehand trace a geometry

Hi all,

I’ve seen plenty of tutorials on tracing an image file, but what if I want to trace another geometry? For example, I’ve imported a model that has some very rough (low poly) features that I’d like to trace in 2D (make a silhouette from the 3d model), but I want to freehand trace the model so that I can make the rough features more rounded/organic. The problem is inference keeps locking my freehand cursor onto the model rather than let me make my own lines near the model. If only I could disable inference I’d be in business. Any suggestions? I feel like I might have to save some jpeg images of various views of the model and then trace those images, but that sounds a bit tedious.

If it makes any difference, I’m using a stylus on a tablet to trace the model.

Build a cube around the object, change the camera to parallel projection and change the material on the surface of your cube to lower the opacity. Use the standard views – front, top, right, etc. – and freehand trace on the surface of the cube. You can hide other surfaces of the cube if they distract you.


That worked perfectly! Thank you!