Trace crazy vector shape to make 3D?

Good morning. I am not sure what thread to post this in, so I hope this is the right one. If not, I apologize.
I have a graphic I have been using as a logo for our museum’s free STEM classes. I have been using PRO for a little over a year, and THOUGHT I was getting proficient, but my new project has taught me otherwise.


I wish to make this logo into a 110mm name tag. I was able to create most of the small details and the text, to glue onto the master “splat” shape. What I have not figured out how to do is make the “splat” shape itself. In CorelDraw, I would either use auto trace, or trace it with my mouse, and then adjust the draw nodes until they were correct and smooth. Most of the lines and curves I would adjust with bezier handles. BUT in sketchUp, I am LOST.

I tried in layout and did a little better, but not nearly well enough to print and wear it…

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

(NOTE: I am NOT looking for a paid service to do the work for me! Please do not respond with offers.)

How are you printing this?

Are you planning to do something like 3D print this shape or something? Or how will you be using the SketchUp model?

If you already have the shape in CorelDraw, you can export it as DWG or DXF and import it into SketchUp Pro.

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Note that I’m responding to just the outer shape and for not the inner clipart detials. Yes you could trace using bevier curve extensions but that might take bit of time. Instead, when I need to do this with complex shapes:

I import them into Illustrator and use the ‘Live Trace’ function to automatically generate a vector drawing:

Then export to DWG:

Then import into SketchUp, Weld edges, and I’m good to go! Or if you need to put this on a sheet to scale, bypass SketchUp completely and import the same DWG directly into layout and make it a ‘scaled component.’ Good luck!.

See another example where I used this same technique to model a canal…which should have taken me ages to trace over:

Another option that can create the geometry directly in SketchUp.

Make a PNG file with a transparent background. Import the image into SketchUp and save the file. Then use Image Trimmer from TIG’s SKM Tools extension to create the geometry.

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used it to make a Mad Science nametag. Thanks for the interest.