Tracing method?

Is there an auto tracer or tracer that would be easy that could possibly auto trace a car body/vehicle from a picture online for me or some trace method?

You can do that with Adobe Illustrator: Edit artwork using Image Trace

Or with Inkscape (free equivalent of Illustrator): Inkscape tutorial: Tracing bitmaps

Okay, would it turn into like a 3D model in Sketchup if I do that?

No, it would be a 2D vector file.

No, as said above.
If modelling/designing is hard or not important, you can just grab a car from 3D Warehouse.
What are you after exactly?

I thought it would be nice to create a school bus model. Basically the hood is what I’m after.

So you need to actually draw by placing blueprints/images (top,side,front,back views). Something like this:

Things to consider while drawing: set camera to parallel projection, change styles to be able to see your lines better, make sure your lines are in 2D. You might need this plugin to draw curves: BezierSpline

There are also quite a lot of school bus models in 3d warehouse.

Okay, thanks! I got the views of such as top, side, back, and etc for the hood. Which version of BezierSpline would I use for SketchUp 2017?

The current version.

I tried to download it but it gave me a error saying I must have an account to download that, so I made the account and something odd popped up from saying something about spam which sent me an email to confirm the removal request from StopForumSpam Removals and every since it still won’t let me log in. Been about 2 days. Would BezierSpline help me though if I were to use it for my project of a hood?

Any idea?

You basically need an account from SketchUcation to download plugins. I’m not sure what happened in the process of your login attempt, try contacting them. It’s a great site with active forum, so don’t hesitate to dive in.

Here is the plugin: BezierSpline_v1.9a.rbz (121.0 KB)

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