Touchscreens and precision trackpads. Make SketchUp work great without a mouse!

SketchUp doesn’t use the features of Windows 10 which would make working in SketchUp on, e.g. a Surface, so much nicer.

Precision trackpads recognize gestures really well. Instead of fiddling with the shift/control/command/alt keys, a user should be able to use two fingers to pan, zoom and rotate the camera. Both on a trackpad and a touchscreen. Let us work like this:

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I must say though. If you own any surface device, you know you can’t really hold your device like that for any longer than couple of minutes. A lot of strain on your left fingers…

and…very strange way of holding a pen.

For touchscreens, it’s more about being able to show the project to a client and let them manipulate the camera easily.

Touchpad gestures, however, would be massively useful when working on-the-go, like on a train. A good trackpad support definitely can replace a mouse (see: Magic Trackpad)

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