Total newbie question...Best way to make "cutout"

I’d rather not start over COMPLETELY… this may sound silly, but i’ve spent a lot of time getting the measurements correct on the sights, and i’m at least happy with those and the barrel. I’ll see if I can salvage this model, and if not, i’ll start over more carefully. Thanks so much, king! Hopefully this should solve my issue on this part.

You can copy the geometry of the sights over to a new tube but because they intersect with the existing tube, it’s going to be very difficult to correct the tube. Salvaging your model with take more work than redrawing it.

how would i go about doing that?

Doing what?

Copying the geometry of the sights? would it be possible to just copy and paste them or something? those took multiple days to get just right… admittedly, i procrastinated, but still. that’s a lot of measuring.

Since you have the sights where you want them, probably the easiest thing would be to erase the geometry that isn’t the sights. Then I would select the sight geometry and make a group so you can’t inadvertently modify that stuff and then go ahead and draw the barrel correctly and add the holes as above.

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Thanks, i’ll try that!