Topography from elevation lines


I created a wedding cake topo and tried to smooth it out but it’s no good. Sandbox and smooch only works for golf courses. Can someone recco a topo tool for my basic needs?


One option would be to use Curviloft with the top edges of each tier.


I’m curious what issues you are having with Sandbox and Smooch?


Box, whoa, you did something in the video I have to figure out. Extracting the wedding cake edges and making smooth topography from them. I may not have all the Sandbox tools loaded. It’s rare I have to do topography.

Thank you!!!


Thank you, “draw from Contours is working.” And I think the quality of the contours (more end points) drives the size of the smoochable polygons.



Smooch? Are you kissing the screen or something? :smiley: I think you mean Smoove, right?


LOL I’m kissing “Box” up above for reminding me of a basic sandbox tool!

Smoove move Dave!


I would suggest to take a look at the plugin Toposhaper (Fredo6) too.


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