Converging plane pickle


The backstory:
I’m in a pretty bad pickle. We are still studying the design on a site using the existing topo. Rather than modeling everything flat and then sloping down specific portions, I chose to model the existing topo and drape linework over it using the sandbox tool because the design has gone many iterations and I have been bringing linework in and draping over to see how the hardscape will interact with the existing topo. I plan to make a “real” model soon but I just need this to hold out for one last iteration.

The problem: I have had to do so many iterations that the base is getting difficult to work with because I keep having to stitch the topo back into place using the sandbox too;. I need to make this pathway intersect with the bottom plane because there is an intersecting face that I am trying to cut out. I will bring this in lumion and the yellow part will be a tall grass, so this will be cutting through this pathway if it is not removed underneath. No matter whether I drape the linework on the yellow surface, or intersect an extruded form of the sloping pathway I am making with it, it will not separate the surface for me to delete the shape underneath. Is there another way to quickly do this?

We need to see the file.

The file would be handy to look at, but it might be as easy to define your path in a higher plane, push-pull it through your terrain, and then and then use intersect with model and delete the top and bottom. Maybe.

Try to make your work easier by creating groups for logical elements (alleys, different terrain surfaces), assigning them layers and also by creating a better geometry (try SSB instead of Sandbox).

For this type of work, you could first create a top view snapshot (2D plane - image) of the 3D model, over which then draw the alleys (2D paths), using splines instead of arcs

It’s more fluid and easy to edit

Once these paths are established, you can start transferring (by drape or intersect) them to the 3D model.

Use these helper lines to create your various 3D elements in the terrain and avoid adding other paths, so as not to end up with very close lines that do not overlap (see images)