Sandbox from scratch or other sandbox tools...where? How? What the...?


Hi, I’ve been back and forth to Sketchup for some small projects and playing over the last few years.
I’ve just re-downloaded Sketchup 2015 with the intention of modelling my new house and property. I know the basic basics, but thought I would try some BASIC terrain modelling which I haven’t done before.
I have geo located the property no problems and I now have a blank canvas with just the geo location map layer on it. I want to add some basic terrain shaping.

I’ve checked tutorials, youtube videos, the knowledge base on how to do terrain but can’t find any with the right buttons/controls/tools that match what I have on my Sketchup screen!! Along the top of my screen I have the basic set of tools. There is no sandbox toolbar. The sandbox extension is on by default in the preferences. The only sandbox options I have are Tools–>Sandbox–>Smoove, Stamp, Drape, Add Detail, Flip Edge.
I don’t seem to have any options for creating a Sandbox From Scratch or Sandbox From Contours.

How on (Google) earth do I create a sandbox terrain to work with!!!
I’m sure it’s something simple I am overlooking, but it’s driving me nuts. Can someone please point me in the right direction???



Did you open the Sandbox toolbar ?
View > Toolbars…
check Sandbox

There are some tutorials on terrain in the Tutorials forum category, like:

You can also do a forum searches:


No. I didn’t.

See…I knew it’d be something simple and obvious.
Thankyou! Let the terraining commence! :+1: