Tools used to create a plugin for SketchUp?

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I am new in sketchup and i need to create a plugin to list .skp files… but there is no too much documentation in internet for it… i just found a example that create with ruby a message with console but i need to create windows, installer etc… how can i do_? where i can find documentation for that_?

thank you sorry my english

The documentation and first place to go is and for general Ruby features For listing files on the file system, you need to use the File/Directory API.

Let’s first talk about what you want to create / what capabilities it needs. Normally you don’t create an installer for its own sake. Furthermore, “installers” are a distribution concept specific to Windows, and you don’t necessarily need them elsewhere. For example in SketchUp, you create an “extension package” (.rbz) which is distributed through the store and users usually don’t get in touch with it as a file.

Thanks for replying, I want to create an extension or plugin to show my .skp in a window and that people can select the skp object and visualize it in the sketchup … I have seen several developments like the one that I attached, but I do not find bibliography About how to implement user interface for sketchup that includes windows with buttons, connection to databases etc …

Use HtmlDialog (or WebDialog for SU2016 and older) to create interfaces. The dialog content is created the same way as any web front end except for how it communicates with the Ruby back end which you have to look up in the SketchUp Ruby API docs.

Its all in the API documentation. The web based dialog opens up any possibility. I use html combined with javascript and some SVG for graphics.

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