Tool Search history

hi folks! ive been using both web and desktop version of SU pro. love the customisation of the desktop version. but i like the freedom web app gives me. i can def live without some of the desktop features.

BUT there is one thing that annoys me! i frequently use the search feature to find my tools. it would be amazing that it actually showed either your history of tools or most frequently used (or both?).
thats it, im willing to live without custom keyboard shortcuts.
edit: will be using custom shortcuts, but feel like my point still stands…


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You can add custom keyboard shortcuts, though.

oh nice! well still would be a nice feature as the web app is only occasionnaly used in my case

For searching tools, there exist multiple extensions for the Desktop version (besides using macOS’s Help menu). Keep in mind that extensions are limited in what they can do by what the SketchUp API provides methods for. For tracking the tools that a user activates, extensions have to use observers and might miss some tool activations or might encounter issues with non-native tools.

  • LaunchUp: A search for tools which keeps a history of previously triggered tools (only tools triggered through LaunchUp)
  • Eneroth Tool Memory: A switcher for recently used tools (no search)
  • LordOfTheToolbars: Toolbar customization with a plethora of features, including LaunchUp’s tool history