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Is there a way to move or hide the tool menu?

No. The toolbar cannot be moved or hidden in the web versions of SketchUp.

Thanks after I thought of it more I realized that being a WEB version customizing is out of question! Sorry for the bad question??

No need to apologize. I don’t think it was a bad question.

Allthough you cannot move or hide the toolbar. it is customizable in the sense that you can move tools into the visible part of the toolbar…

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Not sure of your use case so this may or may not suit you but it has not yet been mentioned. You can enter presentation mode, which hides toolbars on left and right and shows only basic navigation tools. However, you cannot model in this mode.


This is what my screen looks like when shrinking the size of booth menus, left and right.
They are still there and also shortcut keys still work so you can model with almost maximum real estate.

full screen

With the mouse over one of the menus you can hold [Ctrl] while scrolling midmouse button to force them up or down in size.


This is in Sketchup Web

I know. So is what I used to make the screenshot, SketchUp Web Free.
It’s almost what you wished for.
[Ctrl] plus 0 brings back the menus in original size.


For the record, one needs to hold ‘option’ on Mac for this. Great solution, learn somthing new every day!

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