Too many edges

Hi, I am fairly new to Sketchup. I am hoping for some help. I have imported a .dxf file into my project. Unfortunately this contains 260k edges. I am trying to reduce this by welding and simplifying but it keeps crashing. I have tried to do it in parts also but to no avail. Any advice would be great. Thank you in advance. Paul

When you write that it keeps crashing, do you get a Bug Splat? Or is it just taking a long time to process. If it’s just unresponsive, leave it to work for a while.

FWIW, welding edges won’t reduce the number of edges. It just sticks them together.

It just shuts down with nothing

Ah, i didnt know that. Is there any way to “merge” edges into a single edge?

If they form straight unbroken lines, you could replace the series of them with a single edge but most likely those sorts of lines would be continuous from the CAD file.

Fredo tools, remove lonely vertices will do it, but they become single segment curves.
Fix it 101 from Anton S will make multiple segments into a single edge, but that will also remove any simple 2d geometry.

So depending on the .dxf there are different approaches possible.

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