Export Error

Hello guys i have a problem i don’t know if it is a mistake that i made or a bug or if my computer isn’t powerful enough well here is the problem there is a construction which a draw on sketch up it started to being slow when i add the loaves and it keep being slower however i finally finished my drawing and i have to export with parallel perspective with different camera options (like front, bottom, top, iso, left,back and right) it started to crash just even my first export is there a mistake that i made? Can you help me with my best regards…
Demirci bel 1.skp (1.3 MB)

By export, you probably mean export as a DWG file, right?

Edges - 7.586.627 (more than 7 million edges)

You have an arc with a radius of 0,12 mm consisting of 33 segments.

yes, as dwg format. And yes i have the same stats you mean thats the problem i guess how can i solve this problem?

By reducing the number of edges. Remodel those components with minimal number of edges.

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İs smooth command enough? or should i re construct it i mean some details are really important for me how can i reduce the edges?

Remodel all your components

exemple: fe2.skp (12.2 MB)