Too many components

A good reason to be thinking ahead as you are modeling to avoid getting into this sort of situation from the beginning.

You can always , double click one instance, then triple click to select all of the geometry it contains then hit delete, and all of them will be gone.

That is good and much easier if you want to delete all examples of a component regardless of collateral effect. The way I suggested locates each example so one can see if deleting the component causes an undesirable local effect that needs repair.


Using Sketchup for Web - trying my best to do what you’re showing - not working at all.
Goal is to declutter so that the only components that exist are the ones actually in the model, eliminating all others from listing. Is this possible in the web version, either one-by-one, or all at once?

Use the Purge button to remove any components that have been deleted from the model.

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately, it’s still not working for me.
No trouble eliminating the component from the model (that was never a problem), but clicking the purge button doesn’t seem to do anything.
The component still remains listed. I can’t seem to get the same result you show where the component disappears from the listing.
I still seem to be missing something.
Is there some special voodoo to the way you hover/circle at certain points?

If the component won’t go away when you click on the Purge button, my first suspicion would be that you haven’t deleted all instances of it. Maybe there’s another instance tagged with a currently invisible tag or maybe it’s nested inside a group or component.

Maybe you could share the model file so we can see what you’ve got?

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