Toggle Tractor Beam

Any thoughts on use cases for the Toggle Tractor Beam feature when moving the SU2023.1 Snaps?


No one commented on my tractor beam, laser beam, and balance beam puns…

toggle web shooter


My apple-ogies, i couldn’t answer since i stil use a stable SU22 :wink:

Go spidy!

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@TysonK - found my use case. Jokes aside, I didn’t realize you could simply let go after toggling the tractor beam at first. This definitely speeds up the move/snap/drag process.

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Ahahaha, ok, that’s clever and got a genuine laugh from me. Thanks!

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Brace yourself.
more snaps and tractor beam puns incoming :smiley:

Do you know that game, Snaps? It’s either, “The game is snaps” for a, e, i, o, u and the number of snaps for the vowel. Or, “The game is not snaps”, for the first consonant letter spoken.

So you have someone give a word to one of the two Snaps players and then see if the other snaps player gets it.

For example:

The game is not snaps. Steve has a favorite food.
The game is not snaps. Ketchup.
The game is snaps. Snap, snap.
The game is not snaps. Tonight he’ll have it with dinner.
The game is not snaps. Causing him indigestion.
The game is not snaps. Hiccups and other problems.
The game is snaps. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap.
The game is not snaps. Probably having to run to the bathroom.

*Maybe not on par with how cool SU snaps, tractor beams and the vids are… but hey :).

Can’t say I know that one

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@TysonK - more realistic use cases

rebar snap

the tractor-beam stamping is so satisfying…

solar panel

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the solar panels made me think of a deck of cards…


Chaos modeling or modern art?




Might have looked cooler if the tractor beam line could go through the circle geometry… but still got a bullseye