Toggle through tool options

what would be really great? is if when you hotkey a tool, you could keep hitting the hotkey to toggle through the tool options

like especially the Arc tool. if i could just keep hitting A and move through the different varieties instead of mousing up to the drop menu in the toolbox.

just saying. thx jw

There’s more to this than it might seem at first. Using your example, the ways to draw various arcs are separate tools, not options on a single tool. They are gathered into one menu, but they are still distinct and launched by independent commands, not by options on one tool.

It’s an interesting request, most applicable to similar tools that are variations on a theme, like the three arc tools, or the two rectangle tools. A version of this is accomplishable now by assigning shortcuts that are the same letter with modifier keys added for each tool: A= arc tool (shift) A = two point arc tool (option) A = three point arc tool.

However I do like having my own control over the shortcuts, not assigned from the factory. I have (shift) A assigned to toggle the global axis.

  1. As @slbaumgartner pointed out e.g. the "2 Point Arc " , "Arc ", "Pie " , "3 Point Arc " Tools are individual tools, they are not an “option” to each others.
  2. As your profile say you are using Sketchup 2018, in this version there is no chance for “built in” change, for sure.
  1. This sentence suggests that you are talking about the Sketchup web version. Aren’t you?

Never mind. An extension can be created for the desktop version of Sketchup.
Here is a concept. Unfortunately I can’t test on Mac, but on Windows it works.
On Mac toggle to "3 Point Arc " Tool is not possible (according to my knowledge). @slbaumgartner might have other opinion… :wink:

NO Warranties! Use on your own risk! Backup your model before try!

Copy-Paste the code below to Ruby console and hit Enter (Return)
Then Assign a shortcut “A” to Extension/Arc Tools Selector

Click OK, then. Hit “A” repeatedly…

module Dezmo
module ArcToolToggler
  PLATFORM_IS_OSX ||= Sketchup.platform == :platform_osx
  ARC_SYMBOL ||= [ "selectArcTool:", "selectArc3PointTool:", "selectArc3PointPieTool:", "No_Fit3PointArcTool:" ]
  ARC_NAMES ||= [ "2 Point Arc " , "Arc ", "Pie " , "3 Point Arc "  ]
  ARC_ACTION ||= [ 21065, 21069, 21070, 21071 ]
  @@loaded = false unless defined?(@@loaded)
  @@selected_tool_index = MAX_INDEX 
  def self.arc_toogler
    @@selected_tool_index += 1 
    @@selected_tool_index = 0 if @@selected_tool_index > MAX_INDEX
    if PLATFORM_IS_OSX || @@selected_tool_index < 3
      Sketchup.send_action( ARC_SYMBOL[@@selected_tool_index] )
      Sketchup.send_action( ARC_ACTION[@@selected_tool_index] )
    puts "#{ARC_NAMES[@@selected_tool_index]} Tool selected"

  unless @@loaded
    cmd ="Arc Tools Selector"){ arc_toogler() }"PlugIns").add_item( cmd ) 
    @@loaded = true


Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 8.15.20 AM
by drop menu i just mean the menus hiding under these arrows

very interested to try the script!..

Oh BTW my profile is old - i’m on SKP 2022…

the script works great! Great work! I love it!

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your extension is getting passed around the office; people are freaking out. thank you!

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That’s great. You are welcome!