Toggle group bounding box?


Is it possible to toggle the bounding box visibility for a group/component? Sometimes the dashed lines are distracting.


No. It’s not.


I’m changing the topic into a SketchUp feature request / extension request.


I’m not sure about this. The box is the primary sign telling you are within a group or component. Even as an opt-in this could cause some confusion, e.g. if you get distracted by a phone call or go on lunch and then think you are in another drawing context.

Rather than disabling the box I think we should start asking why it is distracting, in what situations and if anything else could be done to make it less distracting.


I’ve never seen it as a distraction or otherwise had any problems with the bounding box but I can see how some users might like the option to make it less noticeable. If the color were editable as with selections and those other color settings in the Styles window, users could make the color a light gray or something.


Maybe slider similar to the ones for fading rest of model and similar components?


This could also depend on what you use SketchUp for. In woodworking you can maybe have some metal hardware, within a drawer front, within a drawer. In architecture you can have a that metal hardware, in a the drawer front, in the drawer, within cabinet, within a room interior, within an apartment, within a building etc.

Despite the large number of nested containers often used in architectural modeling, I haven’t had much problems with this either, but that could be because I prefer to work much in external linked models (pieces of furniture, re-occurring identical apartments etc).

Anyhow, as humans we love to find solutions. Sometimes it’s good though to take a step back and find the problem, before trying to find the solution for it. @Forestr, do you have a screenshot where the box is getting in the way of modeling?


I think the fading is enough of a sign to tell if you are in a group or component. But if the fading is off, then I agree with your point.

It’s distracting when I do basic lines because they look similar. It’s also overlays the model, so it creates intersections with the line. It’s not a big deal, but removing the bounding box might help me focus.


The bounding box could have a fade slider, so you could fade it all the way transparent too. You could turn it off with the slider as @slbaumgartner suggested.


Hmmm… They don’t look similar to me at all. As I said, they’ve never been a distraction to me and I’ve never had any problem thinking there are intersections where they don’t exist.


Neither have I, but I’d still prefer to have a clear view of what I’m working on. You know that feeling when you clean your computer screen and then everything is more visible? Or when you turn off the axes for a clearer view of your model? That’s all I’m going for. A clearer view. Again, this is a minor aesthetic problem (in my personal opinion), but I figured I’d mention it anyways.

And maybe I should clarify what I meant by “intersection” and “similar”. By intersection, I meant it’s intersecting on the screen. By similar, I meant they’re both black lines. I’m not confusing the dashed lines with the regular lines, but I think the dashed lines are mildly distracting. More aesthetically pleasing than AutoCAD, in my opinion, but I think the bounding box would be better with a visibility slider.

It’s just my personal opinion.