Component opened without dotted lines box

By highlighting components in the middle of your environment, the presentation of perspectives can be improved if the dotted lines of the open component box no longer exist.

This will be useful for both those who use and those who do not use Photoshop, as interesting perspectives can be created directly in LayOut. :slight_smile:

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Would I be correct to say that another way to provide what you want is if there was a “fade rest of model” tool that would act on all but a selected group or component the same way this option does during component edit?

I can see how that would be a handy feature, but I wouldn’t want to get rid of the bounding box during edit because that’s one of the main clues that a group or component is open for edit.


These lines are highly important to know the extents of the component you are editing. Photoshop isn’t used to edit components.

Still, I think it would be better if this dotted line did not exist anymore.

Anyway, something like a checkbox (like the image below, for example) can open for the user to choose and have more autonomy, and of course, with an option for “Please do not show me this again”, which can be deselected again in the SketchUp Preferences window.


You are entitled to your opinion, but I don’t agree. To me the bounding box outline is an important feature when editing a group or component. For example, it often reveals that there is some tiny edge or hidden geometry displaced from the visible geometry. I don’t see any merit to editing something with no bounds displayed. On the other hand, I can easily appreciate the value of the visual fade effect when not editing.


“there is some tiny edge or hidden geometry displaced from the visible geometry”

In this particularity I totally agree with you, but nothing prevents that there is such a window that I mentioned in the post above.

Maybe, if instead of a window to appear/disappear the dotted line in which the user can choose the presentation form, there was a style that allows to appear/disappear this line?

One of the main goals of SketchUp developers is to make the program more powerful and user-friendly at the same time, mainly in the form of presentation … or am I wrong?

So, even if you can get rid of the dotted line box around the component/group that is open for editing, you would then need to make an image export to use in LayOut. This would eliminate the dynamic link from SketchUp to LayOut. I think it would be better to handle this sort of thing with scenes, styles and LayOut. It’s easily managed and changes are quickly and easily made without needing to replace images. And this option is available now. No need to hope for a new feature.

A couple of changes in the SketchUp file, update the LO reference, and done.

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I was thinking of something simpler than you suggest (and how it happens today):


In this way, the user can choose to keep the old way of working (bad, in my humble opinion), or the new (simple, clear, easy, quick and useful)


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