Group or Component Editing HINT

Sometimes we forgot we are editing a component. destroying other parts of the drawing without us noticing.

Maybe make the component frame/background color red, telling us that we are inside a component.

I’ve never needed it but there is a plugin for just that purpose.

Personally, the way I’ve set up Sketchup, I never do the mistake.

I added " ’ " (the key right under escape key) as a shortcut for view > component edit > hide rest of model (which actually acts on groups as well), that allow me to toogle quickly between a clear editing mode, which will also show other inferences of the edited component and a context preview mode of this same component.

(I also added shift + ’ for view > component edit > hide similar components for models with too many inferences).

but for the feature request, why not, seems like a little modification that would be useful !

I always have the Entity Info window open and a quick glance at it tells you the status of the item selected.

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What type of workaround is that :slight_smile: