Together we can

Hey I’m Christ TK , an interior designer founder of Sketchup Africa School in Congo Brazzaville Central Africa.

Sketchup Africa School is the first training center school in Congo Brazzaville in Sketchup 3D Design software

We hope to provide our nation the best
way to grow our country in virtual 3D modeling using Sketchup, knowing that in our country there is a deficiency in knowledge concerning 3D Design software as Sketchup.

Some companies uses AutoCAD and other 3D software as a working space, but knowing how difficult it can be to use AutoCAD, trainings becomes way too expensive. So often schools and University do not provide those kind of classes for those who has chosen to study Civil Engineering.

Our first mission is to make Sketchup be known in Congo Brazzaville as well in Central Africa and provide training classes for our future generations and help professionals save time and make their work look more polished and professional.

Sketchup Africa School will be treating other issues like Interior Design. We have met some students who were originally planning to become a Designer, but found that option difficult to pursue once at University because their options at the University in the Congo were limited to Civil Engineering,
Engineering, Architectures and Topography.

Students often struggle for employment and opportunity once they graduate for University, so Sketchup Africa School will assist and lead them in Interior Design with the help of our professional Designing courses. As well they will be pursuing their classes, Sketchup will be their guide in 2D and 3D modeling, realization, rendering and animation using extensions like Vray, Enscape, Thea render, and lumion without forgetting BIM extensions for our engineers and Architects.

We will have our first workflow conference on August 10th in Congo Brazzaville. The purpose of the conference is to present to students and customers Sketchup pro as a product in building and share Sketchup Africa School vision so please consider supportint us by donating.

We have decided to raise funds witch will help as own our own space(3D base camp) to train our students and help us buy some materials that we obviously need for our classes like, Projector ,White Blanks , micro phones and other things…

You can click here to Help us by donating what you can:

As well we are looking for sponsor, partners and people to support us however to pursue this project. You can contact me inbox.

Best regards