To Upgrade or Not?

I currently have a perpetual license for Sketchup Pro 8 - I have just moved to a windows 10 machine and am trying to decide if to update to the latest version or not. I really can not find anywhere a decent summary of what the new features are between versions.

For clarity I use sketchup and layout for some architectural work - but mainly for furniture design projects.

Anyone got a decent a summary of what the new versions bring either in features or performance??

You might want to start here:

There have been many bug fixes since SU8, there’re speed increases in both SketchUp and LayOut, improved inferencing in SketchUp, added tools for drawing rectangles and arcs, vastly improved dimension and other test tools in LayOut. Easier layer management in LayOut and more.

Additionally, there’s no support for SU2015 and earlier for Windows 10.

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you can run both, so the best idea is to install the Pro demo, read the version histories, and see if you like it…

many people keep both forever as some plugins have not been updated and never will be…


The program has developed since version 8 so much, that with enough customization, it’ll be unrecognizable now (meaning this in a good way). For me, the most memorable parts of the updates that we were getting every year were the 64-bit support, the new tray feature, the new tools and the updated speed of the program.
I do have to warn you though, many people have complains with SketchUp running on Windows 10, which is why I haven’t updated my machine. Also, if you’re using SketchUp for architectural work (like me), you must know that there’s a bug concerning dimensions in LayOut. That one will hopefully be fixed in the next maintenance release. Cheers! :slight_smile: