Tips for Technical Drawings in Layout (Sketchup)


For a uni assignment, I need to:

  • Create technical drawings to an industry standard that reference associated schedules and specifications.
  • include different line weights - can I find these somewhere within Layout?
  • Section markers, x4 Elevations markers and x1 Detail callouts

I’ve attached the image for what I am referring to.

  • also the first step was to construct the image into SU and add all the materials, etc which I have done.

Please, any help would be appreciated. I’m a beginner at Layout

apart from reading tutorials probably the biggest help would be a sample layout file of a similar object that is well organised so you can understand the interrelationship between Sketchup and Layout… many skilled people on the forum might have a good reference example… I will see if I can find one… not at my PC at the moment…

OK here is a sample that might help for reference
CANOPY.layout (8.2 MB)

and the associated PDF
CANOPY.pdf (1.2 MB)

You might want to share your SU model as how it is organised also affects how efficiently it presents in Layout! and others could give you good advice there.

PS. I do not use stacked viewports (others use that technique ) to create line weights… I prefer to use shadows and color to simulate depth and priority. I use SU 2021…

later versions I think have allowed lineweight control in tags, others could confirm

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Thank you for your help.