Time zone setting



in the shadow pane there is a pulldown menu for time zone settings. I can’t understand what this does. If the model is geo-referenced manually or by selecting a site, then the coordinates is already set for use on shadows. Some locations around the world might have time zone settings that differ from what you expect from the coordinates, then it is useful I guess. BUT:

I cannot get the time zone setting to save to the scene… If I change one scene then all scenes are changed. This tells me that the setting might belong to the model info pane thats sets setting for the whole model. and not the individual scene.

I would be useful though to save different timezones to each scene, so that one can adjust for summer-time in some of the scenes and still keep the time of day correct. This does not work however (on a Mac) when the pulldown menu won’t save different values to each scene. Is this a bug?


I see this behavior in v2016, and v2013, FWIW.

(Moving to the Feature Requests category.)

I think this would also be useful for rendering a shadow change through the seasons.


In old versions of SketchUp, the time zone setting was saved in the Page (as Scenes were then called). This changed when the geolocation through Google Earth/Google Maps feature was introduced. Scene based north and time zone settings would, for instance, enable elevation views with the “standard” 45 degree shadows.



I think this must be a bug. Why have a pulldown menu in the scenes pane that cannot save settings to the scene?


In my Scenes window, this is the list of features that can be saved with a scene: Geolocation, time zone or North direction are not among them. My vote for a FR to add them.



Isn’t geolocation a property of the model as a whole? How could a different value be saved per scene?


(1) The OP is asking for Time Zone. Basically it changes where I am depending upon whether we are on Standard Time, or Daylight Savings Time. The actual geolocation, stays the same.

(2) Secondly, the time zone setting is on the Shadows settings inspector, and is saved in a ShadowInfo collection. The API docs still show that the model, and individual scene pages can have their own ShadowInfo collection.
So, it is not crazy that the OP would think that the “Shadow Settings” checkbox (on a Scene Update,) should save the time zone as well as the other items in the Shadows inspector panel.

So, to restate the FR: