Time to show off your SketchUp swag

This topic got me thinking: Time For Someone to Get Out

Why not show off your SketchUp swag?

I have always kept all SketchUp swag in a (well, multiple) box(es), because I am proud of it. When being a student in architecture and having graduated in 2012, I would’ve never thought of meeting someone from SketchUp, being able to attend basecamps and devcamps, nor making extensions for companies all over the world.

So here you go, these are the namecards, t-shirts, socks and all other goodies I have been able to collect the passed 7-8 years:

Now I am curious: What are yours? And, maybe, who has attended the same conferences as I did? Maybe we did meet?

My list is:

  1. Basecamp VAIL 2014 ( My first time in the USA, together with my girlfriend (now my wife))
  2. Basecamp Steamboat Springs 2016
  3. DevBizCamp Cascais (Portugal) 2013
  4. DevBizCamp Athens (Greece) 2014?
  5. DevBizCamp Sorrento (Italy) 2015?
  6. Devcamp Leeds (first edition) 2017
  7. Devcamp Leeds (second Edition) 2019
  8. Basecamp Benelux 2019, my first one as a sponsor.

I have an object that has much more value: a LastSoftware Sketchup cap offered by the team visiting Paris when I showed them my work.


So take a picture of it and post it.