Tilting the Voronoi Tower

Hello there, General Kenobi speaking.
For the past couple days, I’ve been making a model of a tower for my academic classes, and I’ve ran into some serious ( at least for me ) problems. As you can see in the model, I’ve made a tilted tower, and it was all good in the hood until I decided to cover it with some voronoi pattern. I decided to have a model of all the edges and surfaces, and not to just slam a photo on top of my existing model, because I plan on importing it to Lumion and making a nice visualization.
My main question is: How do I tilt that voronoi tower thing so that it looks like the first tower?
I’ve tried a lot of things and ways, but as I can see now, there must be a problem in the way I approach this, or there is a function in SketchUp I’m not fammiliar with.
I’d be really grateful if you guys could give me some advice on this one :smiley:

I’m sorry for posting an external link, I could not zip the file to under 3mb :confused: I hope thats not an inconvenience. https://ufile.io/m8z4t

You need to use components, that’s the first step.

So should I convert existing walls into components, or what should I do? Could you be more specific? :slight_smile:

Do you know how to use components? See Part 4 of the series

Yeah I watched the video, still have no clue how to resolve this problem. Sould I create the pattern using components and then stick it on the tower, or should I make existing walls components and then work with them? Please excuse me if I’m asking stupid questions, I’m fairly new to the program :slight_smile:

is the right idea 1 component

OK, got it, and what next? :stuck_out_tongue:

This Post Should help explain things.

Did you view the other three videos that I linked to earlier?

Yes, still no clue :confused:

Bro, would you be so kind to tell me what you would do step by step to achieve this tower? I think I’m not able to troubleshoot this issue with those videos :confused:

I am trying to get you to learn how to figure these things out. Due to the fact it is an assignment……….I get no credit for the class if I do the work or part of it.

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I can somehow see your point, but the assignment has nothing to do with the voronoi pattern. Actually I could just leave the tower as it is and pass the class with an A, but I wanted to make it for myself, wanted to learn how to make such a complex model. I appreciate your help, and the materials you’ve provided me with, but unfortunately, that was just basic info on how Sketchup works and it’s kind of hard to use this info to tackle a precise problem such as mine. However, knowing what’s the exact procedure to get the desired effect is also educational, and definietely a much faster way, than sending me to basic sketchup tutorials :slight_smile:
To sum up; Dave come on, help a brother out.

Is that what you want to model? Use FredoScale: Box Tapering and then Box Planar Shearing


That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve, thanks a lot bro :smiley:

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