Tile Pattern Design


What template or program is best for creating tie pattern designs?


Why do you want to use SU to design tiles? Why not just design a texture image and apply it to a square or rectangular or hexagonal component in SU?

But if you DO want to draw the design as SU geometry, I suggest:

Draw the tile outline shape or shapes if more than one shape
Make each shape a component (or several different ones if the pattern repeat covers more than one tile)
Nest the outline inside another component, so you won’t distort it while drawing your pattern on the tile
Array the top-level components to cover at least one pattern repeat
Open one top level component for editing
Start drawing your pattern inside the tile boundary, using whatever tools you need - e.g. line, arc, rectangle, Bezier curve plugin, etc.
MAKE SURE you are drawing the pattern in one plane. It helps if you work in Camera/Standard views/Top view, and Camera/Parallel projection
Use TIG’s Mirror plugin to reflect symmetrical parts of the pattern, and the rotate tool for circular arrays
Ensure you have faces to take texture or colour, by re-drawing over the outline of the tile, but in the same context as the pattern geometry
Colour or texture the faces inside the tile that make up the pattern

Use the tile array to check whether the pattern matches at the edges of the tiles, and is overall a pleasing appearance with rhythm and flow.

Edit and repeat until satisfied.

Does any of that help?


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