TIG's LayerWatcher Continued

Continuing the discussion from TIGs LayerWatcher:

I picked up a bit of malware on Wednesday (Dec. 30), 2 days after my original post, spent a half day Thursday and most of Friday morning cleaning my system, today LayerWatcher is working as advertised, go figure.:confused:

Oops, I spoke too soon.

Start SUp start a new model, LW works, load previous model LW does not fire.
Start SUp, start new model, save new model “test LW”, LW works.
Start SUp, load “test LW”, LW doesn’t fire.

What’s your SUp version and OS ?
LW should be loaded when you open a new model or open an existing model, and also when you open another model from within SketchUp or from within Windows… etc.

So something is wrong…:pensive:

SUp version 16.0.19912 64 bit
OS Windows 10 Pro

I’ve been thinking about uninstalling/reinstalling SUp to see if that fixes the problem, but that’s kind of a pita.

LW was working before, how long ago I can’t say for sure, couple of week I think.

Well the good news [if we can call it that!] is that I have now managed to replicate your issue - with the same OS and SUp version.
The Layer observers fail to continue firing when a new SKP is opened.
But the context-menu tool to reassign Layer0 to selected geometry do work across SKPs - so LW is still running, but with broken Observers…

So I now know where something is adrift…
After some more testing I’ll update LW with a fix - hopefully…

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I have now adjusted the code and now it’s always working properly for me - i.e. the Layer Observer now transfers onto a new SKP’s layers etc, and warns when you are changing the current-layer away from Layer0…
Please download/install v8.0 from here…

TIG, out of curiosity, was this related to the Observer changes in SU 2016?

I don’t think it was.
It was more related to an idiot typing the code !
[a.k.a. me !]
It should work across all supported versions of SketchUp now…

Thanks! Version 8 seems to work with several of my models that didn’t work before.