Thumbsup.dll Error Installing SketchUp Make and Pro

Dear community of SketchUp
We are a group of students and we are having some problemas while trying to install SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro.
Two weeks ago we were working with SketchUp Pro, but we had to desinstall it, and now we are trying to install it again but a message appeared to us.
I attach a link to a Screenshot of that message.

If someone knows how we can solve it, we would appreciate it so much.
(Well, i know my English is a little bad, but i think everyone can understand it hahaha)
Well, thanks for your time.

A search of the forum for thumbsup.dll would turn up multiple answers to your question. Start here:

Thanks for your answer, but i was looking but i didnt find anything, that´s why i wrote this one. D:

I think yuo should do a total remove of the old installation, maybe by using revo uninstaller, and then reinstall the program. Run the installationfile as administrator.

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