Thom Thom Extensions not showing up in Sketchup 2023

I just made the switch from 2021 to 2023 Subscription. I’ve downloaded the latest TT Lib2, installed it, then TT Material Replacer. It is showing up as Signed and Enabled on my Extension Manager but no where to be found when I close out of Ext Mgr.

Has anyone else had this issue? I have ran the repair installation and did this as an administrator.
I also clicked on settings and it is set to unrestricted

Any help on how to make this show up would be appreciated.

Is it listed under tools in the menu bar?

Did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator? That’s different than being signed into Windows with an admin account.

No, it does not. I looked for it there and it isn’t there. I should have added that to my things that I have tried in my statement. Thanks

I will try that again but I had seen a comment from a post in 2021 where you must sign in as admin. Let me give that a try again to make sure I did this. Thanks

You need to be signed in the way you normally sign in to Windows and you need to use Run as adminstrator so that permissions will be set correctly for your username.

Which version of Windows?

BTW, there’s no SketchUp 2024 as you put in your forum profile. At least not yet.

FWIW, if it’s installed correctly and Windows has granted permissions, it will show up in the Tools menu.

Ahh, I was looking for a button but it is only under tools. Got it!

Thank you, sir!

Good that you got it sorted. That wasn’t clear from your original post.

Going forward, check out the extension’s page in the Extension Warehouse. They generally indicate how you access the tools. In this case it does show that it’s accessed from the Tools menu only.

As a comparison, here’s one of ThomThom’s extensions that has a toolbar.

Also, what is that toolbar extension under your “styles” tool buttons in your screenshot? Always curious about other extensions.


The one with the Curve and zig-zag lines in Bezier Spline. That’s one from Fredo6 and it’s available at Sketchucation.

Thank you

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