"this does not appear to be a sketchup model”

I cant open my project, "this does not appear to be a sketchup model” pops up every time i attempt to open it

Share the SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says 2019 SketchUp for Schools. There is no such version. SketchUp for Schools is a web based version for school children. What operating system? What graphics card? ‘2019’ is NOT an answer to those questions. If you want help you need to meet us half way and put correct information in your forum profile.

i can’t upload the file here, it says it exceed the maximum 16 MB size. I created it in 2021 version then i saved a copy of it in 2015 version so i can open it in my 2019 version sketchup in my laptop. then when i try to open it this time, "this does not appear to be a sketchup model” pops up instead.

Upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link…

Well, that still isn’t SketchUp for Schools and your operating system and graphics card are not 2019. Fix your forum profile.

i already fix my forum profile

transfer and share the link please

You haven’t provided a link.

You have to make the file accessible. Currently access is denied. Why do you make it so hard for us to help you?

i already updated the access, you can open it, sorry, i don’t want to make it hard for you, i’m just upset with this problem in my file

There’s nothing in that SketchUp file but a lot of zeros. Did you save a copy of it on the machine where it was created? You wrote that it was created in SketchUp 2021. Are you using a cracked version? How did you transfer the file between computers?

You still didn’t tell us what the operating system is. Presumably it’s Windows. somewhere there should be a .skb backup file for the project. Find it and share it.

Yes, there’s a copy of that in the machine where i created that, the 2019 is a crack version. i transferred it using a flash drive. btw, i’m using windows 10

Why didn’t you put that in your forum profile, then?

Using cracked software is piracy and theft. You’ve come to the wrong place for help. It’s like you’ve stolen a car and are going back to the owner for help because it won’t start.

You won’t get anymore help here.