"This does not appear to be a sketchup model" everytime I open my file today

I have been working on a project for school over the past few weeks, yesterday after class I saved the project back to my thumb drive. Today when I returned and tried to open it, I get “This does not appear to be a sketchup model”. Changing the backup file did not work either. Is there any chance on recovery?

If you share it here, @colin may be able to get at least some part of it back. Depends on the nature of the damage.


Here is the file…thanks @colin.

Unfortunately, that looks like random data from your drive, and not anything like a SketchUp file.

Weird, I can open it but possibly since we are in the network.

Does this one work for you?

Or this one.

It appears to be identical to the first download. Do you have a file named farmHOUSE1.skb anywhere?

yes there is an .skb file as well.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 120946

I don’t see that in either of the links you gave.

Understand. I am still at school, when I get home I will try to upload them via my computer at home see if it has something to do with the school network.


@colin how would you recommend uploading the files for you to access them best? thanks

Anywhere that you have access to, and you can give me a link. You could include a SKP that is working ok for you, if that gets through ok then the file sharing service you’re using is not to blame for the file being corrupted.