This-does-not-appear-to-be-a-sketchup-model-error (73.0 KB)

please help! sketchup file not opening

The file contains nothing but zeros. Unfortunately it can not be recovered. :frowning:

but it was working fine yesterday :frowning:

SketchUp will automatically create a backup file of the previous saved version of a model anytime you create a new save, it is enabled by default. Backup files use the .skb file type on Windows (and a ~ in the file name on Mac). They save in the same location as the .skp file.

You can try to rename and open that. (Or share it here if someone can open it for you) (73.0 KB)
hi this is the backup file.

Unfortunately it is contains the same zeroes, and cant be recovered. :frowning:

Are you saving your model directly to cloud location? Because that can cause the corruption of the files in case of network error. Better to save your files to local folder of your computer, then make a backup to cloud…

we save the file on network usually, but yesterday there was a power cut suddenly and after that file is not working.