Things To Make

Hi guys,

I’ve just got into SketchUp recently. And I don’t really know what to make? Can you guys give me some suggestions?


You should start here:
Choose SketchUp for web fundamentals

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All depends on what you want to make or are capable of making. Is you interest Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, theater, widgets? Make what you know and follow the advice of @tweenulzeven and go to the learning site and Youtube for the Sketchup videos there.

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Make a light disc that can be integrated on your back.


A cube

Where you live.

Something in your room or on your desk.

Find something that you are interested in that you are not 100% sure how to model, but can see how you might get there. It should be something that you are modeling for the sake of modeling (no deadline, no one demanding you finish) and should be something you are willing to abandon or start over if the model becomes a problem (it happens).

What are YOU into! What interests YOU? Unfortunately, no one on this forum can tell you what will excite you and motivate you to create a good model.