Things that are surrounded by lines get a white box inside of it

I dont want the things inside my lines to be filled in

1 is the closed square and 2 is the open one

Screenshot 2022-02-08 122341

You need to clarify your question. What things? What is deleted? Please include screen shots or something to help.

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You have to give us more information.
None of what you say makes sense to me…

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okay i added some more clarification

All I see is a rectangle with the back face color showing. No clarification.

so when im tracing something with lines and i complete the box deleted

alright so when i draw lines and make a box the inside of the box turns a different colour

It’s okay to use more than one sentence to explain your problem.
I still can’t make any sense of it…

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So nothing is being deleted. A face is forming when you complete the loop of edges. That’s supposed to happen. SketchUp is a face modeler.The blue color indicates it’s a back face but when you extrude it to 3D the back faces should be on the inside.

What is it that you are tracing?

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i was tracing a tank model but every time i closed the lines it just filled in

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to get clear answers to our questions from you. You don’t make it easy for anyone to help you.

In what form? Do you mean you’re tracing an image that you imported? Change the face style to X-ray so you can see through the face.

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ok il try that

also where is the xray? im kind of new to sketchup

You need the faces later on to make it 3d.
You could switch to wireframe mode and you won’t see the faces untill you switch back…

Look in the View menu for Face Style.


also how do you make it so it draws flat

You just have to watch for the inferencing. Before you try to model your tank you should spend some time learning to use SketchUp. go through the tutorials at

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Or draw a big rectangle first. Then make it a group so you can easily delete it when you’re done with it.
Then draw your trace on the big rectangle

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