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On one of my models, Thea render will not recognise or render imported components like cars & people. Yet on another, no problems. I assume it’s a SU hiccup. Any solutions?

Probably not a SketchUp hiccup but hard to tell with no more information than you’ve provided. Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

Have you tried contacting the Thea folks?

What graphics card? Your profile says ‘22’ which does not identify a graphics card.

Hi Dave. This is my graphics card; NViDIA Graphic force. It’s a pro version… I am trying to upload the screen shot. It won’t do it. And skp file is huge.Other models ARE rendering in Thea, that’s why I thought it must be a skp setting

Please put that in your forum profile, then. Also update the SketchUp version if you are not using 2017 Pro.

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Screen shot attached. I am on SU 2020pro.

Your screenshot doesn’t tell us anything. The problem must be with Thea and the components. My wild guess is that the car components have their contents tagged weirdly. Have you turned off the Untagged tag?

Anssi YOU DID IT!! That was it. Muchas Gracias from Sydney

This begs the question,
Why have you turned off Untagged?
You shouldn’t be able to if you are using Tags correctly.

This begs the question how fluent Anssi the Fin is in Spanish.

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Well I’ve done dozens of these before and never changed tag settings, so the boogie man must of done it during the night. Thanks again to all the great helpers.

No fluency detected. But the phrase has been used in old Westerns. Films aren’t dubbed in Finland but subtitled in Finnish. Kiitoksia kiitoksista!