The solid group is not solid - where to look for solution

I build the solid group. It looks ok, the solid inspector find it solid, the checking with FixIt and CleanUp is well and nice, but still the SketchUp don’t find it solid. Where I should look for mistake.

Faassade from the river - just bricks.skp (155.7 KB)

It has to do with the edges at the bottom of the arches. Somehow, the solid inspector gets tricked.

Here the clean file…
Faassade from the river - just bricks.skp (183.4 KB)

All of the edges [highlighted] at the base of the arches [8 in all] have more that two faces.
A solid must have exactly two faces per edge.
Solid Inspector fails to spot these.
My own SolidSolver does report it as not being a solid, but it fails to fix the issues, because geometry needs deleting - and that’s your decision…
Make the arches spring from the horizontal ledge and avoid the internal face…


Thank you for movie and an extra explanation. I couldn’t find any clue. Thx

I think @thomthom designed it this way intentionally because the SolidInspector2 should indicate the 3D printability and not the solid statement in the entitiy info window. (If I remember correctly, version 1 of the tool behaves different in this case?)


Yup - by design. The two-faces-per-edge is a quick and simple check. But fails in the cases like this:

But it’s still 3D printable. That’s what SI2 addresses.


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