the ∞ SketchUp Wish List



Hi bmike,

I hear your lack of appreciatetion and negativety :wink:
That’s why I made a point of saying all existing controls should remain :slight_smile:
I appreciate and support your opinion and use them also :slight_smile:



Not sure I was negative. I just disagree, for my use. Having control is great! But it needs to be done without over comlicating the interface.

IIRC - once you draw and arc / circle / etc. and set the # of sides it will default to that for the rest of the time using that drawing, so saving a template after you draw (and delete) some geometry can keep your preferences.



Hi again bmike,

I’m hear your still uninterested in understanding :wink:
But yes, you recall correctly and I use that also :slight_smile:



Implementing relative segmentation for arc/circle tool might be quite tricky. First of all, should it be relative to angles or sizes? A whole circle needs very different segmentation whether it’s the base of a building or the cross section of a pipe.

However I really think the DWG importer should have a setting for this. I have managed to lower the file size of a SketchUp model including imported DWGs to about a 4th by scripting down the segmentation from 96 to 24 (and re-used a single component for all circles).


Hi eneroth3,

Yup, it might be but we don’t know until we ask :slight_smile:

It should be, as I said “based on the degrees of arc”.

I’m not sure size matter here. If the base of a building is only seen in the background at the size of the cross section of a pipe, it may only need 24 sides. Alternately, if the cross section of a pipe is viewed with such precision that only a few degrees of arc are visible, then it may need 96 sides.

I hope the DWG importer gives you this setting :slight_smile:



I get your point about arc generation, and I think it could be an interesting approach — especially if it were implemented with a preference toggle between the current way and your way.

However I think your vaguely passive-aggressive response to bmike is totally uncalled for.


Hi db11,

I appreciate your understanding, thanks :slight_smile:

Nothing vague about my clearly stated observations.
I feel they’re as called for as your clearly stated observations :wink:
How else will others learn what our expectations of courtesy and cooperation are? :slight_smile:



Its what you really want !

I have this style of interface and the grey on grey on a 2k or 4k screen is virtually invisible

It is certainly not something I want


Lock camera elevations and Z-level by modifier key is camera tool:


The Walk and Look Around tools do something like this.


Look around does not do any of this and is one of the tools this FR applies to. Walk tool is in my experience too cumbersome, slow and odd to have any use at all. I have always preferred the other cameras tool for the exact purpose walk tool is intended.


About the functionality of the Eye Drop Tool. I just want to add that it would be much more efficient to use this tool if it also popped up some text telling me what material I was hovering over. I am using TomToms “Material Replacer” plugin to get this functionality at the moment, but the text is almost to small to read on my Macbook retina screen.

Also I would like that LayOut behaved the way Indesign does when I am trying to zoom out, pan and scroll. It is tidius the way it works now.



it would be verry usefull if pages that are turned off in presentation don’t show in PDF export.


10 thumbs up for that! I miss this feature every day at work.



it is posible to add auto-text for current Scale on page in Layout? If not it would be great to have, while we have different
scale on different pages and we need to add that manualy.


The trick with this is linking it to a model view… I often have 2-3 model views (some at different scales) embedded into the page. Some overlap, some are details, some are 3d views.

I’ve setup auto text tags and I just change 1 number on my details or page titles:

 <s0> = N.T.S.
 <s1> = 1/8" = 1'
 <s2> = 1/2" = 1'
 <s3> = 3/16" = 1'
 <s4> = 1/4" = 1'
 <s5> = 1/2" =1'
 <s?> = etc. etc.


I think it is not so hard for programmers to add one more option. We need automatisation. :wink:
Just add option “CurrentScale” in menu.


Sure, so long as you can link it to a model view… and have a way of seeing what ends up being linked to everything.

What I’d really like to see is some sort of LayOut version of the dynamic component. Then you could build text components with pull downs for scales, detail numbers, etc etc.


Also the ability to resize the shortcuts preferences window so that you’re not forced to scroll down in a tiny window looking for the correct tool. When we use a lot of plugins and assign shortcuts often, it gets irritating having to search in this little space. A better designed UI for the shortcuts popup window please!


The rotated rectangle tool to allow us a simple input for distance when defining the point of the parallel edge. As it was before 2017: