the ∞ SketchUp Wish List



I don’t see it that way at all. I actually appreciate that they look different.


I’d prefer they work the same !


Please add black/ dark grey template for all windows in Sketchup :slight_smile:
Also add a real-time measurement for the external total length and height of the element like bellow.




Am I correct that the welcome screen can only be bypassed in SU Pro?


Yes. Make users get to look at Welcome screen each time.


If I gave away a free (for personal use) product I also would at least want to advertise. :wink:


Agreed! Some Make users whine about having to see it evey time they start SketchUp but it’s an trivial inconvenience in exchange for a free program.


Yes, and it’s maybe the best feature of SketchUp Pro! Not having you train of thoughts interrupted on each SU start is in my view more useful than Layout, not to mention native solid tools or dynamic components that I don’t even use.


@eneroth3, you can bypass the splash screen in LO, too, if you want. Specify which template to always use on startup and LO just Opens to it.


My plugin for that has just been released!

If the trial either works or does not work, please comment in this thread and let me know. I’m really curious since this is my first plugin using the licensing API.


The entity Info already shows lengths for edges, areas for faces and volumes for solids (groups/components consisting of a closed mesh). Maybe it would be useful if it shows width, depth and height too.

How would you use this? Would it only be useful for a single selected group/component or for the bounding box (the yellow box shown when using scale tool) regardless of what the selection consists of?


How about, when I trim a solid object, IT DOESN’T DEFAULT BACK TO LAYER 0!!!


The solid tools are very odd in general. They also break the material inheritance model by removing the material from the container and add materials to individual faces. They also fail to alter components but simply make new groups instead. That is why I made my own solid tools.

I think my wish to Trimble would be to hire more people that actually use SketchUp in their daily work. Having architects and designers working half time in their own professions and half time in product development for Trimble could prevent things like this from happening in the future.


You are right, Trimble seems to be developing SU in a “bubble”. From what I’ve seen and used of your plug ins (thank you so much!), they would do well to hire you, Christina.


Hey! That’s amazing!!! I was expecting to wait for SU2018 to see it. Thanks a lot.

I’m gonna test it soon.


Multi-threading / multi core CPU use.
We design schools. Our models are not huge, but SU seems to hit a wall once models get beyond a certain size.
I am beginning to doubt SU’s viability compared to Revit or Archicad, since I can see my team twiddling thumbs waiting on changes of layer states even.
And I have 3 unused cores in my processor going to waste!


I have gotten errors with your solid tools that don’t happen with JF Trim and Keep. Will have to spend some time documenting and I can share results with you


Please do so and start a new thread and tag me in it.


I think most people don’t care how many (hereinafter precision) Sides / Segments (hereinafter Sides) their Arcs, Curves, Circles, or Pies (hereinafter Arcs) have. They usually just want their Arcs to look smooth. I believe making precision relative instead of absolute, would eliminate 80% of the fiddling.

Currently precision defaults to arbitrary values. I think precision should be set automatically while drawing, based on the degrees of arc. The more degrees of arc, the more Sides will be needed to make it look smooth and vice versa.

Additionally, I think that the Measurements Toolbar, besides the Sides input box, should have a Precision input box or slider. This would set the Sides / Circle. For example, setting 360 would make a 90 degree Arc with 90 Sides while inputting a 180 would make a 60 degree Arc with 30 Sides.

Finally, I think that in addition to (or possibly instead of) the Tray’s Smooth Edges Dialog, there should be an Arc Precision Dialog. This wouldn’t just change the look of Arcs like Smoothing does but change the actual number of Sides of selected Arcs. There could also be a Global check box that would change the precision of all Arcs in the Model.


I disagree with smoothness. Perhaps for making ‘looks pretty’ models - but I like having control over the # of sides on my circles and arcs - it makes setting bolts / nuts / round posts / steel rod / etc. much easier to place accurately. It also means I can control to what level I need the smoothness to be.

When I do product design and small parts, I often keep the #of sides high. When modeling construction drawings I keep the #low.